A Tetris-like casual puzzle game made for libGDX Jam 18 with the theme "zero gravity" - What will Tetris be like under zero "gravity"? Let's find out with Tetra and her friends Zitta (Z.), Ella (E.), Rona (R.) and Ooo (O.)! The game's source code is available on GitHub. This my first game made in libGDX and my first game :)


  • Press "E" to choose easy mode, "H" to choose hard mode.
  • "W", "S", "A", "D" to move the block up, down, left or right.
  • "Q" and "E" to rotate block counterclockwise or clockwise.
  • The game currently doesn't support mobile or touch inputs.


  • Filling in a rectangle of any shape with an area of at least 12 squares cancels the blocks in the rectangular area.
  • Upon canceling, if there is a single color that covers more than 50% of the canceled area, the game spawns a special power block of that color next turn.
  • Special power blocks:
    • Pink: When stopped, becomes a normal pink block and then turns all existing pink blocks into the majority color counted among all existing non-pink blocks.
    • All other colors: When stopped, self-destruct and destroy the blocks in the 8 x 8 surrounding area.
  • Blocks spawn with random shapes and orientations. Pink blocks spawn with a 80% probability, all other blocks each spawns with a 5% probability.
  • The default block speed accelerates over time. For each spawned block, it speeds up every time you change its speed or orientation.
  • Hard mode gives three times the points compared to easy mode.


Some background tiles are taken from Solaria and Pixel Button Prompts. The background music is taken from Snabisch and the sound effects are taken from rubberduck.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagslibGDX, Pixel Art, Tetris


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Cool!!! Not really good at Tetris but I love color and feel of the game.

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I never could be good at Tetris, and with this game it's different. Now I'm not good at Tetris and Tetra. 

Great game, loved the graphics.

A new Tetris implementation! it's difficult to make something original in that field but you did it! Nice entry and a very kind adaptation to public to propose  an easier mode! Thx!

Super Difficult. But honestly, on theme and great presentation! I like it when jam games look and feel like it could be expanded to a full actual  game. Good work.

Thanks :)

I actually tuned down the difficulty level (aka speed) once already. I'm collecting feedbacks to see if I should tune it down even more.

Difficult but I love it! Love the use of zero-gravity and tetris!

Nice I always enjoy tetris like games. Thanks for the fun :)